Fitting Mold

1. What is Fitting Mold?
Fitting mold is a semi-finished fitting dummy made according to measurements. It is made from lower price fabrics but resemble to the suit you order. You can try it on and feel the fit. If you confirm no changes should be made on the fitting mold, we will move on to make the final product. In case you need alterations on any position, you may send us request on adjustment and we will follow your instructions and finish the order per the new measurement.

2. Why should I need a Fitting Mold?
Fitting mold is a complementary yet very helpful tool to reduce the chance of wrong measurement. Trying the mold would let you and our tailors know if the final products fit you. It’s highly recommended for new customers, customers who want a suit with special cutting or customers with unique body figure. At least 95% of suit made after fitting mold is perfectly fit.

3. How can I order Fitting Mold?
While filling in measurements, you can clearly see the checkbox “Send a Fitting Mold”.
Select the box if you want to try on fitting mold before final product is made. Fitting
mold is complementary if this is your first time to order. Ordering fitting mold does not
require extra production time.

4. Do I need to send Cosmo back the fitting mold?

You do not need to send us back the fitting mold. However it is necessary for you to
send us comment after you try the fitting mold. We will proceed to final production upon
your confirmation on fitting mold. Or, if the mold doesn’t fit perfectly, please send us
descriptions along with photos showing you wearing the mold. Our tailors will adjust the
measurement and cut then proceed to production.