Company Overview Quality Craftsmanship
Quality Craftsmanship
Based in Hong Kong, Cosmo Circle Custom Tailor first emerged in the 1980s, serving more than 20,000 clients around the globe for decades. For more than thirty years, Cosmo Circle has been handmade down to every little detail. Cosmo Circle’s most valuable strength is the competence and experience of its skilled employees. As all products are all handcraft, Mr. Andy Chan always saw the tailor as the key of the company’s success. Striving for timeless elegance and unparalleled quality, we bear our originality in service offering and superior craftsmanship, tailoring for leading identities from business, law, medicine, academy, diplomacy and government. Our expertise is defined by our experience and success.

Superior craftsmanship guarantees quality. Experience the luxury of custom tailoring, and you will never settle for anything less than the same perfection again.

Mr. Andy Chan